Wild Inspiration

Despite All Odds

I recently spent few days in Devine, TX, photographing wildflowers. If you have been following me for a while (thank you!), this should come as no surprise. Taking pictures of wildflowers was the catalyst for my love of photography and I usually post one or two bits about my wildflower shoots each year. Whenever I am searching for motivation or a way to spark my creativity, I can always find it in a wildflower. Note I said wildflower. Not that I don’t enjoy non-wild flowers but the fact that a plant has sprung up all on its own and managed to thrive just plain inspires me.

I’ve seen some plants that are the perfect example of the saying, “where there’s a will there’s a way”. For me, the previous image depicts this perfectly. Despite being trapped in the fork of a branch, the sunflower was one of the most perfect flowers I saw on that shoot. I did replace the original background but the flower and branch are from the original photo.

Looking at this image, I feel hopeful. The warm colors are comforting and the yellow adds a bit of brightness and cheer to it. This is enough to inspire me to grab my camera and go in search of more captivating subjects.