The Top 3 Blog Posts of 2018

To see what readers, like you, are most interested in looking at, I reviewed my site statistics to find the top three blog posts for the year. After all, the point of writing a blog is for it to be read. Here are the top 3 posts:

  1. Contemplating the Passage of Time
  2. Spring Bluebonnets in Texas
  3. Yellow Flowers Triptych

It seems you like to see images of flowers and landscapes most! I’m right there with you, although I am pretty fond of birds too.

I can hardly believe how popular Contemplating the Passage of Time has been and that it topped the list after only 3 months on the blog. Was it the photo or the post content that struck a chord? I hope it was some of both. That image reminds me of my dear friend Melissa, who passed away prior to my posting about her family’s homestead.

Last year was my first serious photo outing to the heart of bluebonnet country and I was not disappointed with the image used for Spring Bluebonnets in Texas. Wildflower season is never a sure thing but last year was a pretty good one. I’m scouting out the hotspots from last year to be sure to hit them again this year. Look for those photos in April.

The Yellow Flowers Triptych is one of my blended images. I thought it was a good way to display three unique flowers on a distinctive background. I’m always looking for different ways to look at the same flowers. It’s surprising to me how hard it is to get a properly exposed photo of yellow flowers. These are three of my favorites.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have suggestions for what you’d like to see more of.