Surprising Aruba

Having been to many of the Caribbean Islands, I found Aruba to be surprising. In this post, I share a few of my photos from Aruba, along with my thoughts about my experience on the island.

As islands in the Caribbean go, Aruba is typical in that it has beautiful beaches. In fact, beaches there are known for the white sand and esquite clear, blue waters. I shot the following photos from my lounge chair, while enjoying my favorite, adult beverage.

Surprisingly, the climate is arid and desert like in many places on the island. i was the desert landscape while traveling to the north end and managed to capture a set of images while visiting the Alto Vista Chapel. The original chapel was built in 1750. The present structure was completed in 1952. Although not on the highest point of Aruba, the church is located on a relatively high point. Thus, the name, which means “high view.”

Another surprising thing I learned about Aruba is that aloe is an important part of the economy. Although buildings have taken over lands which once were aloe fields, our guide found several for us to visit.