Starting With the Experience




This post is about technicality versus feeling. Not a fair fight you say? You may be right. Sometimes I find myself so concerned about getting perfect exposure that I lose sight of the reason I wanted to make the photograph in the first place. One of the main reasons I stop to compose a shot is because something has moved me to want to capture that exact moment, scene, or event in order to be able relive it later and to share the experience with others. When the shot is not technically perfect, I am able to relive the experience because I can remember what it was like from my experience. However, finding a way to share the experience with others, using a less than perfect image (we could argue that none are ever perfect but that’s for another time),  is what I find most rewarding.

Consider the following image. It is the original, out of camera version. The next one, after post processing, is the one I feel best communicates my experience while making the photograph.