Peaceful Beauty in the Heart of Palo Duro Canyon

On an overcast, March day, I was lucky enough to find and capture the heart of Palo Duro Canyon. I have the proof in my photo. This was my first visit to this particular Texas State Park but it would not be my last.

Palo Duro Canyon played a major role in the lives of the Native American peoples who lived here. Those who utilized the canyon and it’s resources include, Folsom and Clovis, Apache, Comanche and Kiowa. There are accounts of U.S. soldiers chasing Apache bands across the plains, when they just seemed to drop out of sight. The soldiers, unaware of the canyon where the natives had taken refuge, called off the chase and returned home.

While I am claiming to have captured the heart of Palo Duro in my work, I have to admit, the canyon captured my heart first.