I Made It to the Bottom and Back in Canyon de Chelly

After my hike to the bottom and back at Canyon de Chelly.

I’ve been to Canyon de Chelly before but never attempted the hike to view the White House ruins. This year was different. Our group really wanted to make the trek and I was determined not to be the spoil sport. There is one public trail starting at the White House Overlook on the South Rim of the canyon. Park rangers advise to allow 2 hours to hike 600 feet down and back up the switchback trail. I really have no idea how long I took. I do know I brought up the rear and was the last one of our group, back to the top. I didn’t pass out and made it back without assistance. For someone who will celebrate her 62nd birthday this year, I am pretty proud.

Along the way down, I was able to stop and capture a few images. These are views I would never have seen from the sidewalks of the overlook. So, despite the sore muscles, I am happy I gave it a try. But, once is enough.

“On Full Display”