Fruit of the Nutmeg Tree

Grenada remains one of my favorite Caribbean Islands largely because of the variety of fruit and spices grown there.  One of the most interesting is nutmeg. My guide told us an interesting story about the aril of the nutmeg fruit.  According to him, no one was aware of its potency when they began using it as a spice. He related a tale where a worker opened the door to the facility where the harvested arils where stored and promptly passed out. He also warned me about the potency or strength of the nutmeg purchased in Grenada versus that we have available in the United States.

Friday Photo: Fruit of the Nutmeg Tree

Carol Fox Henrichs Photography: Grenada &emdash; Nutmeg fruit with Mace

A nutmeg fruit with the red aril wrapped around the stone. The aril is used to make the spice known as mace while the seed or stone is ground to make the spice we know as nutmeg.