Fiery Sunset at the Mission

This is my third trip to the Good Shepherd Mission in Fort Defiance, Arizona and I am still taken by the church building. Over the course of several days, I captured views from several different angles, most highlighting the steeple.

Sunsets are beautiful in the southwest and the one pictured here took our breath away. Nature treated us to this view as our group trekked back to the parish hall. We had just come from a meeting in the mission’s hogan where we learned about Navajo traditions and heard creation stories.

Each year, the Navajo people have provided opportunities to experience a bit of their culture. I believe this openness and sharing of cultural information helps build an understanding and appreciation for our similarities and differences.

Another view of the steeple with the sun directly behind, providing spectacular backlight.

Note the Native American influence in the designs on the steeple and the cross.