Finding Beauty in the Here and Now

One of my frustrations with photography blogs and magazines, is their tendency to feature gorgeous images from exotic places I’m not likely to ever visit. Ever. They seem to imply I cannot possibly capture awe-inspiring landscapes or produce captivating street photography unless I travel far, far from home where I slog through muddy jungles or eat insects on a stick from a street vendor.

I have done a fair bit of traveling and plan to do more. But, when I look at those articles with stunning photography, none of my experiences seem to measure up and I wonder why I bother to shoot photos at all. Then I look through my portfolio and remember. I love capturing a moment from my world, my reality, my vision.

Challenge accepted! For the rest of 2019, I will be sharing some of my works and writing about the beauty found right here; in my home state, my home town, and my own home — proving that one can find beauty in the here and now.

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