Beauty in Everyday Scenes

I made this photo while in Galveston, Texas attending my very first Featherfest. Pictured is a Great Egret in flight. I spotted the bird in a pond while driving along Stewart Road and I pulled off to see what kind of photo opportunities might present themselves. This is the shot that I feel is the best from that stop. In many ways, it was a lucky shot, as I was practicing panning to capture birds in flight. I like the movement conveyed and the way the sunlight is backlighting the bird.

A flying egret is not an uncommon sight along the coast, especially in the spring. Being a common sight is precisely why they are often overlooked and dismissed. We sometimes become so used to having a thing around that we stop truly seeing it and maybe even stop looking. This work reminds me to stop and look for the beauty in everyday scenes around me.

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