Pelicans on the Prairie?

When you are photographing groups of birds it is not unusual to have more than one kind of bird in any given shot. As I tried trying to isolate this group of American White Pelicans from others, the one Cormorant refused to be left out of the photo! So, I went with it!

Taken from the Matt Cook Memorial Wildlife Viewing Platform near the Shrike Prairie, part of the Katy Prairie Conservancy near Katy, TX.

Friday Photo: There’s Always One Who Stands Out

American White Pelicans and Friend


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Coming February 1, 2018! A new concept for learning!

In today’s world of photography a commitment to lifelong learning is essential.

 Then, why do most self-learning efforts fall short or never get off the ground? Largely, because our mindset sabotages us.

For learning to become a way of being, you must have the right mindset. Learning is not something you squeeze into your life. It is not a chore that must be checked off. Continuous learning, lifelong learning, is an opportunity to help improve yourself and your well-being. Lifelong learning becomes a part of your lifestyle–a way of realizing your true nature and living your best life. 

Beginning February 1st, I plan to help you move toward a lifestyle filled with meaningful learning by providing supportive, relevant learning experiences.

For learning to become a way of being, you need to slow down. Changing habits and creating new behaviors is not possible until you slow things down. Daily doses and slow drip efforts applied consistently over time are the techniques utilized in my new series of online workshops and seminars.

My 30 Days of Light™ series has been a long time coming;  distilling over two decades of teaching, writing, and photographing into a learning format that delivers – drip by drip – time-released materials. The first offering, 30 Days of Light (room), opens February 1, 2018. Upon registration, you have immediate access to Day 1. Then, lessons are revealed on a day-by-day basis until eventually, you have completed all 30 days. Further, you have unlimited access to the 30 daily topics for a full year–allowing you to view and review as needed.

From tutorials, tips, theory, concepts, practice exercises, videos, and personal stories – each lesson builds one upon another to develop your Lightroom® skills and grow new and lasting photography workflow habits.


In these 30 days you will:

  • Develop a new, or confirm the logic of your current filenaming and organizational schema.
  • Develop a well-thought out, repeatable procedure that is a logical “start to finish” flow for getting your photos from your camera to your computer and then into a format for viewing– be it print or digital.
  • Set yourself up for success by configuring Lightroom settings and preferences.
  • Utilize a 15 step process for fundamental image editing.


Registration links and early bird discounts will be included in the winter newsletter, scheduled for release January 2, 2018. Make sure you have signed up to receive my newsletter to ensure you get the very latest news and discount codes from Carol Fox Henrichs Photography!

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