Indigo is Fun to Say

You know how some words just feel good rolling off your tongue? Well, Indigo is one of my favorite words to say. Indigo Buntings are not blue because their feathers have blue pigment. Their color comes from tiny structures in the feathers that refract and reflect blue light, similar to the way airborne particles cause the sky to look blue.

Friday Photo: Indigo Bunting

Male Indigo Bunting near Junction TX.

Coming soon! A new concept for learning about photography!

In today’s world of photography a commitment to lifelong learning is essential. How many times have you told yourself, “I am going to learn more about ________(you fill in the blank)? You will continue to procrastinate and put off your own development until you learn to give yourself priority over other things. This is an inside job that begins and ends with you. In the coming weeks, I will be announcing a new way of delivering training and professional development designed to help you incorporate the learning into your life so that is is meaningful and lasting. Make sure you have signed up to receive my newsletter to ensure you get the very latest news from Carol Fox Henrichs Photography!

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