It’s Not Always About The Birds

If you’ve looked at many of the photos I make, you know I like to shoot birds (with my camera). Let me be clear, I am not a birder but more of a bird watcher. Jonathan Rosen of The New Yorker wrote a good article on the difference between the two if you want to know more. Not being a birder, I sometimes travel with birders because I assume they know more than I do about where to find birds. We often find the birds. However, birds being birds,  they aren’t always where we happen to be looking.  So I begin looking for other camera fodder. The search is usually rewarded with wildflowers, insects, or maybe an abandoned building.

A window of the old pumphouse at Smith Oaks Sanctuary on High Island, Texas.

High Island is a well-known location for birding but my photos made there, are not always about the birds.

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