New Camera Bag

Taken from an article in my December Newsletter:

The Everyday Messenger from Peak Design

Several well known photographers and photography publications have published their selections for best new gear and one item appears on many of these lists–the EVERYDAY MESSENGER from Peak Design. The project was funded as a Kickstarter campaign and I was lucky enough to get in on the first few shipments of the bag!  I haven’t taken it out on a shoot yet, but plan to take it on my next trip to Central America in a few weeks. I usually prefer a backpack style bag but lately, I’ve wanted something looking a little more professional. All in all, I am impressed with the workmanship and thought put into every facet. It comes in two colors and I selected Heritage Tan as a welcome change from all the black and gray bags. #theverydaymessenger

This bag scores big on the features that IMO are essetial:

  • flex-fold dividers – for more options than traditional 3-sided dividers
  • dedicated capture clip attachments – for another must have piece of gear: the Capture Pro clip
  • MagLatch (TM) closure system – one-handed operation without looking
  • no dangling strap ends – enough said
  • size – expands or contracts as you add or remove gear…within limits of course
  • weatherproof coating
  • accessibility – equipment is easy to access
  • airlines – perfect carry-on size