How to Configure Domains for WordPress Multisite on Bluehost: Part 2 of 2

Once you have established your  WordPress Multisite domain  as an Addon Domain through the BlueWordpress logohost cPanel, you can begin adding the domains for each of your network sites. This is the second post of a two-part series. If you need instructions for completing the first phase, see Part 1.

The steps that follow contain instructions for setting up the domain for one of the network sites in a WordPress Multisite network, where the network site has its own domain name.  For example, the site is part of the WordPress Multisite network.

Let’s begin! My domain, was not registered through Bluehost but I want to use it as part of my multisite that is hosted on Bluehost. What follows are the steps you will need to take, if your situation is like mine.


  1. Change the DNS nameserviers for the network site domain to those recommended by Bluehost (currently and Consult your domain registrar for assistance if needed.
  2. Sign in to cPanel.cpanel
  3. Scroll to the Domains section.
  4. Select Addon Domains.addon
  5. You will see “Step 1: Enter Domain.” There are two options:
    • If you registered your  domain through Bluehost or have already associated it with your acount, you should select  Use a domain that is already associated with your account.  Then select the domain to be used for the multisite from the dropdown list. OR
    • If your multisite domain was registered through another entity, (such as GoDaddy, or any one of several others), then you will select Use a domain that is not already associated with your account.
  6. Follow the instructions shown for Step 2 Verify Ownership making sure to update the nameservers if you have not already done so.
  7. Next, you must choose how you would like to assign the domain. This step and the next are critical and making the wrong choices kept my multisite network domain from correctly resolving. Where you see Step 3: Choose Addon vs. Parked,  you should select Addon Domain. Note: other sites instruct you to select parked domain, which did not work for the type of installation where the multisite domain is not the Bluehost primary domain. 
  8. For Step 4: Choose Addon Directory and Sub-domain, select the directory where you installed WP Multisite. This should be associated with the domain we set up in Part 1. Then enter a subdomain name in the text field at the bottom.  Here I chose something very close or identical to my domain name.
  9. Sub-domain: is pre-populated . If you don’t like what is there, feel free to change it.  The subdomain is require by cPanel but you won’t need it for the Multisite setup.
  10. Select Assign this domain. assign

I recommend installing the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin as the next step. There are excellent instructions!


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