Denver Bartender Image Challenge

Before: The Oxford Hotel Denver bartender image challenge

I traveled to Denver in October this year, during the first 12 inch snowfall for the winter! I went on an evening walking tour and we visited The Oxford Hotel, an historic hotel located in downtown.  The bar was very interesting but also very dark, which made shooting difficult. I attempted to capture the busy bartender and ended up with the Before image as seen in this post. My challenge was to bring back some of  the details while maintaining the feeling conveyed by the neon lighting used exclusively in the bar.



Using Lightroom 3, I was able to adjust white balance, exposure, saturation, luminance, sharpening and added a grain and vignette to get an image I feel accomplishes what I wanted.


Denver bartender - post processing
After: The Oxford Hotel, Denver bartender image challenge

Here are the settings of the final image:

    • WB:  flourescent
    • Exposure: -1.52
    • Saturation: -22
    • Luminance:  76
    • Sharpening: Amount =76, Radius=1.8, Detail=49


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