Flagging Keepers vs. Star Rating

One of the biggest challenges in organizing image files is that of rating their quality.  The ultimate goal is to be able to find your best image when you need it and perhaps to delete the really bad ones. Personally, I use Lightroom’s flags in my workflow to select the best shots as Picks and the mess-ups as Rejects. Lightroom does offer another way for you to rate your images, with a star rating system. Frankly, I have trouble deciding whether an image deserves 2 or 3 stars. And, as Scott Kelby points out, you probably won’t use these images anyway, so why waste time rating them?
I can quickly go through the images just imported into my Library and flag the ones I am interested in looking at again as Picks by pressing the P key. This  adds a white flag icon above the image preview in Grid View. I can unflag a photo by pressing U.
For shots that I know I will never need, such as blurry or out of focus, then I flag these as Rejects by pressing the X key.I can tell Lightroom to delete all of these by selecting Photo>Delete Rejected Photos.
For those pictures somewhere in between the best and worst, I give them a 1 star rating, by pressing the 1 key, to indicate that I have reviewed the image. I am reluctant to delete anything but the absolutely unusable images. I’m hoping future technology innovations might make it possible to save them or use them in some fashion!
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